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I spent years going to the gym without seeing any dramatic changes to my size.  I absolutely love working out with weights, pumping iron really is one of my favourite activities in life. 


But after a while I started to wonder why I wasn’t adding more muscle mass as a result of all the training I was doing.  So I became disillusioned and stopped going to the gym for a few years.  Then after looking at the photos in the video above, I decided it was time to get back to the gym, but this time I wanted to see some better results!


So I went in search of more information, to find out what needed to do to optimise my bodybuilding workout!


I was quite shocked at what I read!  Everything I had been doing to build my muscles was wrong! Yep, I’d spent hundreds of hours doing all of the wrong things!  I was gutted.


I spent a lot of time going from site to site in search of more information on what I should be doing in my workouts, to find one common recurring recommendation … Vince Del Monte’s bodybuilding workout.


I’d never heard of Vince Del Monte, but it appeared that everyone else had!  I read review after review on his bodybuilding program, and literally nobody had a bad thing to say about it.  In fact everyone just said that it had worked wonders for increasing their muscle mass and was second to none in terms of body building advice.


So I took a look for myself in my desperation to find a weight training program that would work for me.

As soon as I started to read the stuff on his site, it was confirmed again that what I had been doing to build muscle was all wrong!  Plain stupid in fact!


For starters, weight training at the gym 3 times a week was a big mistake, or at least the way I’d been doing it was.  Lesson number one, don’t work an individual muscle group more than once a week if you want to see a significant increase in muscle mass and strength! 

Once a week!  This was going to be tough, I love working out, that’s why I went to the gym so often.
 The science is that your muscles need at least a week to recover and grow bigger in between workouts.  If you stress them more frequently than that, you just keep breaking the muscle tissue down before it has had time to repair itself, and in doing so, grow bigger and stronger!


This one piece of information alone suddenly made so much sense.  It explained why I had achieved so little growth in my muscle mass.


Then I soon learnt the second problem with my bodybuilding workout.


I had been doing to many sets, too many repetitions with too lighter weights!  This upset me, after all I’d been doing exactly what I’d been told to by a so called “fitness instructor” at my gym.  But again, as I thought about it, I knew the advice that Vince was giving was correct, it made total sense.  So straight away I set about changing my bodybuilding workout to make it far more intense.


So if you want to optimise your bodybuilding workout, you need to lift close to your maximum capability, and only do say 6 repetitions.  This high intensity lifting strategy will overload your muscle and really break the tissue down, stimulating it to grow back bigger and stronger!


Based on what I read on Vince’s Bodybuilding site, I bought his product and incorporated all of his expert advice and tips in to my new improved bodybuilding program.  I visited the gym less, lifted heavier weights, did fewer lifts, changed the lifts I had been doing to target specific muscles, and significantly changed my diet totally.  I had never realised how much my diet could impact my potential muscle growth.


Since changing my bodybuilding program, I have seen significant gains in muscle mass, and I’m really proud of my biceps at last.  People are now frequently commenting on them.  Thanks to Vince and his program, I love tight fitting clothes!



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